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Keyboard Piloting

Author Bonnie Verner's Web page copywriting appeals principally to those seeking the unconventional.  The crystal below leads to the Web site of a recent client.  All extant product copy on this site is her work, as are certain portions of the FAQ section.

Prisiadieco (n.) - Concerning one's own divinity.

The Author:  Even if you are not interested in copywriting, please enjoy the above site for its own sake, as it is most unusual.

And don't be shy; contact me with your project & we will discuss rates.  I try particularly to accommodate non-profit organizations, & also individuals who wish copy written at affordable rates for their personal Web sites.  No interest is too esoteric; if your subject really interests you, I can create interesting copy for you.

Bonnie Verner also does a limited amount of editing, & other technical writing such as consumer and political letters, PR brochures, etc. 


Nascent works, current projects, and 'where to find it.'

About the Author, including favorite links.

Non-humans of Earth; spirituality; the environment.

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