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SciFi and Fantasy

Novels and similar long-term projects are very difficult to tell people about before completion.  One can get the nervous feeling that others regard one as seeking credit for something that hasn't actually been done yet.  Thousands of words may be on paper or disc, but little is of interest to the reading public prior to having at least a scheduled publication date.

Therefore I suggest that you watch this space for future developments, & meantime let me tell instead of The Writers' Portal.  This is my local writers' mutual support group and cheerleading society, and is in no small part responsible for my having gone fulltime freelance.  It's very important for writers, but especially fulltime writers, to have such a group.  In addition to the obvious benefits, the group can serve as a scapegoat if anything goes wrong.

Seriously, the Writers' Portal members have been and continue to be of great help in the crafting of my 'science fantasy' work-in-progress, serving as the vital extra pairs of eyes that catch the stupid bits before an editor can see them.  If you are a writer and haven't joined a local support group let me strongly urge you to do so.  You may visit our site to see what a well-run group looks like:

The Writers' Portal: Promoting Development of Craft & Career


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Non-humans of Earth; spirituality; the environment.

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