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Bonnie Verner is a former serial wage slave who in the past has been employed as a Counselor, Paralegal, Technician, and Social Worker.  She didnít care for any of it, and for many years attempted to write fiction in her spare time, planning to become a fulltime freelance writer "Someday." 

Note from the author:  There is no point waiting for Someday to arrive.  Open your front door.  Someday is standing on your doorstep, tapping its foot and looking at its watch.

I opened the front door in the summer of '02, and had to spend fifteen minutes apologizing for being late.

She has too many companion animals, all of which are indispensable, and does public relations for the Humane Society in her county.  She is a shameless follower of New Age philosophy but lives in the rural South, U.S.A., which follows Dark Age philosophy.

Personal note: Two of my animals, Taffy my Shetland Sheepdog, and Mitu (Me Too) one of my mutts, died within twenty-four hours of one another in May '03. Many thanx to all of those who expressed condolences.

A touching memorial site, for pet lovers only.


Contact me at  But if it's about Baku's Zine, please use  Remember, the second "e" is silent.

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Non-humans of Earth; spirituality; the environment.

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