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The Realm of Earth

Fascinating place, Earth.  I am particularly interested in the nonhumans.  Dr. Giesel invented the Lorax, to speak for the trees.  If I could live in one of his books I would ask to be the Lorax of animals.

Bonnie Verner is the Assistant Editor of Baku's 'Zine, the online magazine for animals and their people.  Visit the site to read this month's articles, poems and stories, including her continuing series "Busy Paws," featuring animals who work for a living.

Even if you're small you can do great things.


Morgana Wolfshadow Moondragon, the author's alter-ego, is a columnist for The Magickal Messenger.   "Aunt Morgana's Advice for the Once-born" provides tongue-in-cheek answers to the burning questions of Earth's Pagan/New Age community.  Know anyone who takes their aura way too seriously?  Does your roommate refuse to take out the garbage if it's not in the cards (the Tarot cards, that is)?  Rat on them to Aunt Morgana--she'll set them straight!     

Dear Aunt Morgana,

Is it true that I shouldn't ever blow out my ritual candles because it insults the Fire Elementals to use another element, Air, to eliminate their manifestation?  Had I better use a candlesnuffer instead?


Candlepower Believer

Dear Candlepower,

It's not the Fire elementals who get insulted, dearie, it's the Air elementals.  In Nature, all the elements exist in perfect harmony.  So the Air elementals are offended when you employ them against their sizzling siblings; you're unbalancing your corner of the Cosmic Whole, and forcing them to be a part of it.  Not very harmonious! 

But you must likewise avoid insulting any other elements.  That means using a candlesnuffer is no good because those are made of metal, which is drawn from the Earth.  Dousing the burning candle is of course offensive to Water.  And since you possess an immortal spirit you must not pinch out the flames, for that would insult the fifth element, Spirit.

What to do?  Your proper course of action turns out to be just allowing matters to take their natural course.  Simply let your candles burn down and go out on their own.  Of course, for safety's sake this means you must stay at home until they have done so.  Can't have those mischievous Fire elementals getting loose, now can we?  Look upon the time as an opportunity to meditate upon immanent changes in your life, such as your upcoming switch to short, skinny candles.

Contact Every Now In Zen to find out how to get your copy of The Magickal Messenger.  Every Now In Zen is a nexus for daring thought, unconventional spiritual insights, and blows against the empire.  It's cunningly disguised as a New Age store.  Click their crystal for particulars, and stop by sometime. 

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